Make Business Intelligence Work for You


Hi, I'm Richard Wild, and I like to help my customers solve problems related to getting useful information out of their computer systems.

Even knowing where to start looking for a solution can be a problem. Is your problem worth addressing? How can I solve the problem without mortgaging the business?

Business Intelligence is the relevant, reliable and timely information that you need to maintain your competitive advantage. Business Intelligence (BI) software includes many products that aim to supply such information based on the data held in corporate computer systems.

Like everything else, BI software varies in functionality, usefulness (not the same thing!), ease of use, performance and cost. BI software ranges from some clever freeware visualization tools to huge, cumbersome (and expensive) setups, and all points in between. It can be hard to know where to look.

BI practitioners also vary. Most are skilled professionals of considerable integrity. Most organisations that offer BI solutions are out to do the best job they can. Even so, the outcomes of BI projects are not always optimal.

Quite often, even if the software does everything that is asked of it there is resistance within an organisation and the project is not as successful as was hoped. Buying software rarely improves corporate performance by itself - there are people involved too.

I am not a pushy salesman who will try to sell you any old rubbish just to make a sale. No product is right for everyone, including ours. I guarantee that I will endeavour to give the best advice I can based on experience, expertise and research. Apart from the fact that I hate misrepresentation and mis-selling, there is a pragmatic side to this: if I get you to buy something that doesn't suit you, you're unlikely to buy anything else from me. I hope the converse is true!

If you have any problems, questions or issues related to any aspect of making it easier for people to get information from computer systems please contact me. If your system does exactly what you want and can't be improved please tell me as well - that would be real news!